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Case Studies
HGV Ramp Removal

MC Group - HGV Ramp Removal

House Cycle work closely with MC Group carrying out clearances within their depots.

Most recently we had our biggest dismantling task to carry out the removal of an HGV ramp. The ramp had been unused for many years and was taking up a very large space of the workshop. On initial appraisal, the team could see this was going to involve specific planning, careful movements, and a strategic dismantle. Once the team had assessed that everything was disconnected and safe to dismantle, they set to work removing both end sections, also being very careful of the bus parked next to the ramp!

This process involved precise cutting and removal with a forklift truck due to the sections being very large and heavy. The process was repeated until all the sections had been removed and loaded ready to be recycled. All that was left was to cut the remaining bolts off in the concrete floor and have a good tidy-up. Matt returned once we had completed the work and was amazed at how quickly and efficiently we had completed the dismantling. Matt is now utilising the extra workshop space he has gained from the dismantling service House Cycle carried out.

Very efficient and professional, would highly recommend them. Cheers gents.

Matthew Jon MC Truck and Bus Depot Manager

garden clearance

Mark O`Callaghan - Dismantling of a large shed

Mark had a very large shed in his garden which had been unused for years as it was partly falling down. There were a variety of items inside, including racking and cupboards. This was the largest shed the House Cycle team had dismantled and as well as the construction itself we also removed old paints, varnishes, tools and many cupboards.

The takedown process involved a team of three to remove each section safely and carefully, then loading onto the vans to take to Scrapco Skip hire to be recycled. Mark has worked very hard to complete the transformation by laying turf to give his wife back her garden to enjoy for the summer!

dismantling case study
dismantling case study

The team at House Cycle were stars. They dismantled my shed in my back garden (the biggest shed they shave done to date they said!). I had a workbench and cupboards inside as well as old paint cans and they cleared the lot. When I arrived home from work they were taking down the last parts and sweeping up where the shed had been. They were polite, professional, tidy and reasonably priced

Mark O`Callaghan

House clearance

Maxine Webzell - Full house clearance

We attended the house within a day to quote for a full house clearance. This was a very diffcult emotional and stressful time for the family who had lost a family member and needed the property cleared quickly. Our team gave a quote on the day as requested by the customer and they were booked in for two days later. When we arrived, we started in the sheds clearing everything from paint cans to brewing bottles. Then our team started in the house room by room, liaising with the family to ensure we only cleared what they wanted.  We also took care to identify any items that were of particular interest to the family and discuss those with them first before removing them. The house clearance also involved the de-installation of a cooker and washing machine and included loading some of the furniture into the families van that they wanted to keep. Once the rooms were cleared, we then re-visited each room to ensure any loose items are also cleared leaving everything clean and tidy. 

Once our team completed the house clearance, we then continued our sorting process to re-use, repurpose, re-cycle, firstly donating as many items to as many charities as possible, then put each material in its own category to be recycled.

Thank you Jake and Sam for your hard work today. Helpful, sensitive to the situation, conscientious. Highly recommended.

Maxine Webzell

Office clearance

Densitron - Office Clearance

This was a very large office clearance consisting of two very large offices spread over one floor.

Access was challenging due to parking restrictions and a very small lift to take items down. Firstly the team had to start with dismantling eight very large wooden storage cupboards as they were too heavy and large to carry down the stairs. The dismantling service continued in taking apart many many desks. From there day two, our team had to concentrate on many small items spread over the two offices.

Once complete the team hovered throughout to ensure everything was left clean and tidy for the end of tenancy hand over.